Alex Pak

Award-winning designer, book author, AI advocate, top 1% AR creator with 1 billion+ views, and certified mentor

Book author

I authored and published "Artificially Inspired: How AI Is Reshaping the World of Design", a book that delves deep into the intersection of artificial intelligence and design. This book offers its readers not only valuable insights from industry experts but also practical advice for navigating and prospering in the AI era.

A woman showing the book

A commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility is also woven into the fabric of this project, as 10% of book profits are dedicated to various causes driving positive change.

AR Creator

As one of the top 1% of filter creators globally, my designs have accumulated 1 billion+ views. My award-winning AR work stands out and won the 4th AR Effect Battle organized by Lens List. I've been featured in "5 XR Creators You Should Follow" and "Weekly AR Selection".

Alex using AR glasses

I create fun WebAR experiences, Instagram and TikTok filters, and make content about AI and AR for social media. I regularly help Aryel spread the word about augmented reality. Also, I've been part of AR campaigns for big names like McDonald’s, Adobe, and Virgin Voyage.

Design Educator

As a certified mentor, I've trained in student-focused teaching, creating engaging workshops, running webinars, and effectively sharing knowledge. At Yandex Practicum, one of Europe's top tech companies, I mentored 300+ designers, guiding them through their educational process and offering practical advice.

Alex on a video-call with students

I also contributed to university-level education, teaching Human-Computer Interaction. My commitment to fostering learner independence has been the cornerstone of my educational journey.

Product Designer

As a future-oriented, award-winning designer with a passion for AI, I bring years of varied experience. My successes span international AI art contests and a portfolio filled with diverse design and consultancy projects for a broad spectrum of clients. Major brands like Uber, WhatsApp, Shopify, Warner Music, Vodafone, and Huawei have all utilized my software design expertise.

A person using a mobile app

An early adopter of AI, I've integrated its advancements into my design work. My versatile experience spans design consultancy, creation of mobile and desktop apps, websites, and a variety of graphic design projects. All reflecting my commitment to crafting meaningful and innovative designs.

Recent Adventures and Highlights

I consider myself lucky to have such a vibrant journey filled with exciting projects and experiences.I successfully put a Travel Planner and Packing Checklist up for sale, which was featured on Notion's Marketplace. I had the unique opportunity to converse with a humanoid robot about the future of AI and its potential impact on jobs. I've even tasted the future, with a pizza made from an AI-generated recipe in Dubai and coffee crafted by a robot-barista!A seemingly simple Figma prototype of mine managed to gather an astonishing 30 million views. In collaboration with Open AI, I had the chance to use AI to design a t-shirt, exploring an exciting fusion of technology and creativity.

A collection of photos of recent adventures and highlights

I've completed learning about Extended Reality from the University of Michigan, experimented with DoodleLens to prototype AR experiences, and ventured into 3D modelling in Spline.As a digital nomad, I've journeyed through 27 countries and found temporary homes in 8 of them, always traveling with my portable ergonomic setup.In my travels, I've encountered amazing tech like food delivery by robots, served by robot waiters, and even had the chance to marvel at a SpaceX rocket. Through all this, my custom-design sneakers have been my constant companions, adding a unique style to my journey!

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